Portes du Mont Blanc Area

La Cry

A few metres above our apartments, a free drag lift runs past the car park and up to the 'La Cry' ski base. Just cross the road from L’Aiglon, walk through the parking area, pass the 'Mowgly' apartments and turn right. The top of the drag lift leads to the 'Beauregard', chair lift and near that is a wooden 'caisse' where you can buy a day-pass or forfait for the whole period.

If you drive up, you can park in the the lower car park and ski down to the drag lift; and there is another caisse where you can buy your ski-pass at the top entrance to that car park. Alternatively you can drive 200m further up and park at La Cry; or drive 1km further up to le Cuchet car park and ski down to la Cry. In either case you will be able to ski back to your car.

At La Cry is a large ski creche, the ski school (tel:, nursery slopes for all ages, two restaurants and a hotel, two sports shops and frequent FREE ski buses connecting with the village centre. Our guests can be sure of the best deal on ski hire from Marin Sports which is the higher of the two sports shops. We frequent the 'Cassina', which is the lower of the two restaurants and has a balcony overlooking the creche and nursery area. It is a good place to meet up for lunch or apres-ski drinks.

The ski area

First an overview, then useful tips, and itineries for beginners.

There are five sections: (see map).
The front - East face Up steps from Marin Sports is the ski school meeting point and nursery drags. The (8 mins) 'Beauregard' 4-seat chair and top of Mowgly drag are also at this level (1183m). There are 2 blues and two reds back down, but most skiers will head off to the left for 'Creve Coeur' drag or (6 mins) 'Pertuis' 6-seat chair lift. There are 5 reds and 1 blue back down, plus a small snow park and boarder cross, so this lift gets the most use and can have a 5 mins queue at weekends and peak weeks.
Jouty - North face From the top of 'Pertuis' (1757m), go straight ahead and turn right behind the top of the 'Pres' chair for the lovely Jorace red run down to the (11 mins) 'Jouty' 4-seat chair. Alternatively, turn right and run down bearing left before the 'Bachais' restaurant to pick up a red or easy black down to 'Jouty'.
Jaillet - South face From the summit of 'Pertuis' turn left and go straight ahead, down 'les Salles'. You'll find a red, blue and green run (and 3 variants) served by the (10 mins) 'Jaillet' 6-seat gondola from North side of Megève. The liaison back to Combloux is by the new (5 mins) 'Ravine' 4-seat chair, (over fun red and blue runs), then turn right.
Christomet - North face Turn right from 'les Salles' or left from the exit of 'Jaillet' gondola (1580m) for a blue run down to 'Christomet'. The right hand (9 mins) 'Pres' 4-seat chair returns to Combloux. The left hand (10 mins) 'Christomet' 6-seat chair serves fairly challenging blue, red and 2 black runs.
Giettaz - North face Straight ahead from the summit of 'Christomet' (1853m) there is a 6 km blue down to the small station of Giettaz (1200m). A (15 mins) 4-seat chair brings you back to the top of 'Torraz' (1930m) where you can turn left for the blue back to 'Christomet'. There is also a series of three steep drags up 'Torraz' and the area is generally more sporty with a snow park and about 8 steep runs.

Cordon This is a sixth and separate area covered by the pass. It is in the neighbouring village of Cordon which is a scenic 20 minutes drive away. Cordon ranges from 1050m to 1600m having 5 red runs and 3 blue runs - a total of 11 kms - served by 6 drag lifts.

Return trips

For good skiers, allow the following for round trips:
La Cry - Les Salles summit: 25 mins
La Cry - Jaillet: 50 mins
Les Salles - Christomet: 30 mins
Christomet - Giettaz: 45 mins
La Cry - Giettaz: 100 mins

Bars and restaurants

There are sixteen restaurants/bars to choose from. We recommend the following:
Cassina, at la Cry: Family meet up or apres ski drinks, reasonable lunch prices and service.
Coeur d'Or, below top of 'Beauregard': Meeting up, sunny terrace, sandwiches.
Petit Cuchet, beside blue run down from 'Beauregard': Lovely ambiance, nice afternoon stop, nice for evening meals or long lunch.
Bachais, below top of 'Pertuis': superb view, fair prices, good service when uncrowded.
Bonjournal, Giettaz side of Christomet: good drink stop with superb view; log cabin ambiance for superior lunch.
Base of Jaillet gondola: Megeve view, reasonable price drinks and lunch.
Giettaz, 'Restaurant' in street behind the snack bar: friendly, fair prices, good quality.

For beginners

The Beauregard is gentle with easy landing for their first chair lift.

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