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We hope you have a very enjoyable stay. You will find important information on the noticeboard and we would appreciate any feedback or citations to assist future visitors.

At the end of your stay you are responsible to leave the apartment in a fit state for the next occupants. This is important because Combloux has more holiday apartments than available cleaners time! For your convenience, and to maintain standards, please use the checklist below.

Many thanks in anticipation. Bob & Tricia.

Please complete and leave on table

departure date   Apartment 
wash up 
clear perishables from fridge 
empty wastebin 
clean sink, hob and micro 
put away kitchenware, tableware, DVDs, etc. 
(and return any items taken from other apts.) 
clean toilet, bath and basins 
strip beds (except for mattress covers) and place used bedlinen, 
tea towels, and towels on each of the used beds  
vacuum and wash floors 
complete this form and leave on table 
return all keys to letter box in foyer of la Biche 

Problems on arrival or during stay:

Items lost or damaged during stay: