Updated: 23 Sep 18

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Our latest news of Combloux

We try to keep our friends and visitors to Combloux informed through this blog, our facebook page and newsletters.

Our mailings go to about 350 people. All who book with us, or register on our site, are listed until they reply to be removed or their address is invalid - but we do not believe in regular, frequent or obtrusive 'news'. We mail only when we have news of interest.

This summer

Although summer is even better than the ski season, we had few visitors - you guys really don't know what you're missing!

We usually come out for the owners' AGM; but this year we had unmissable social events in UK and came here for the end of September (26°C today). Ironic, because this year I was elected to the residents committee (if ever there was a challenge to my French!).

I did request a new WIFI network in la Biche and it was approved, so by winter Apts A,B and C will each have 5MB, which is good for email and surfing and far more than we could get via ADSL.

Today I will put a new TV decoder in Apt C because the TV still works well but the internal tuner fails to get the french broadcasts.

Restaurants at la Cry

As reported Dec 17 (to be moved to a separate page), We are surprised and heartened by the new direction for the three key restaurants at la Cry.

  • Last year we were excited that the owner of the Bachais was building a new restaurant at the base of the pistes. We imagined a Bachais II.
  • We were sad to have lost the ambiance of the popular Cassino: the open fire and JP's welcome. We felt the OPB had potential as a bar but had a more limited lunch menu and dining area (but to be fair our season was cut short at the end of January).
  • We also felt the "Tire Fesse", and its previous incarnation the "Clarines" never replaced the ambiance and service of the original "Perdrix Blanche"... Then in October we discovered it had failed and was up for sale.

Potentially we now have an excellent choice of complementary restaurants - and I was wrong about all three. "Tout se change. Tout reste toujours semblable."

- What really matters is the people : their spirit and attitude and how that reflects in the food and surroundings. Its what I love in the Petit Cuchet and Bonjournal and didn't find in Clarines and Chalet d'Emilie.

Chez Albert

Is in the ideal location between ski-school and chair lift. an attractive building and superb outdoor area. On Christmas Eve we sat outside for a very nice vin chaud on the well sheltered and sunny deck. But it is not a Bachais look-alike.

The inside first opened on Christmas morning and we found it is self-service and designs for fast, inexpensive drinks and snacks, with no cheerful bar or comfortable tables for diners to linger at. So it is not at loggerheads with...


We had lunch there on 25th (not Christmas Dinner: that was after skiing). I don't think we gave it due credit last year because it was a huge change from the Cassina : no open fireplace, partitioned tables, a double sided bar and both terraces now enclosed and heated. Better for service independent of the weather, perhaps at the cost of traditional ambiance.

I do miss the poulet frites, but as said, what really matters is the people - we called in on Boxing Day and had a very pleasant chat (JP was there too. He sometimes helps behind the bar). Gary and John took over last year and their sentiments are well expressed on their website. Combloux is their native village and starting from scratch they wanted to create somewhere convivial for people to meet, get to know each other and discover the traditional Savoie culture and rich food...

La Taverne

This was the really big surprise. We expected the Tire Fesse would be closed for at least a year - but NO! Gary and John took it over at the start of December and have it open already. We took a good look inside and it feels just right.

They have given it a much nicer name but not changed the decor or removed the cheminée (oh please don't) but have added the ingredient that it lacked - service!! They have a real opportunity to ensure we have a choice of three complementary restaurants for all events and I'm pretty sure they'll get it right.

Visitors to Chalets des Ecrin, please note, they have a counter selling bread each morning at 8am.