Last rev: Sep 2017

Price and availability

is always up-to-date. It has to be because both this site and the Owners Direct (Homeaway) sites take online bookings. Our costs are in euros and prices in euros are the same on both sites (except Homeaway always adds a user fee).

Use the Apartments page if your dates are already decided. This calculates price and availability for each apartment for the period you specify. The individual apartment pages do too and also show a detailed calendar.

We charge a fixed amount to cover changeover and service costs, plus a rate per day which aims to pay our bills. This is fairer than most lodgings and automatically discounts longer stays.

The price in UK pounds is cheapest on our site because Homeaway converts at the bank rate whereas we fix a very favourable UK pricelist from time to time (our current rate is about £1 = 1.18 €) .

Our site displays euro prices when the french flag top right is selected.

Researching dates

the following are useful if you have not decided a date for your next holiday :

Calendar shows when the four apartments are in use and incidentally also displays the matching Homeaway calendars.

Prices shows our weekly rental prices for the next 12 months.

Booked summer is a graphical display of the current or next summer lets.

Booked winter is a graphical display of the current or next winter lets.